Badging Rwanda Project and Research

Using Open Badges in professional development of teachers is an extension to traditional teacher professional development initiatives. Existing teacher ICT Skills frameworks set a clear baseline for developing skills criteria and professional development goals for teachers globally.  At the same time Badges offer an interesting new paradigm to self-directed learning Read more…

OBF Academy Webinar 9 October!

Open Badge Factory Academy webinars are starting for this fall. Join the webinar on October 9 at 2pm BST where Satu J√§rvinen is presenting on the topic “Badges as signposts for self directed learning”. Read more and join us at 

Successful badging in Tunisia

Last summer, we conducted a badging project in Tunisia in collaboration with CNTE (Centre National des Technologies en Education), a government body in charge of all ICT related matters in education in Tunisia. The purpose of the project was to see if badging brings added value to the services offered by the CNTE and how teachers respond to this new approach. (more…)

Getting SkillSafari on its feet

These first months of 2018 have been packed with all sorts of actions required to get a new company on its feet. That work is not over yet, but fortunately some hurdles have been crossed and things are shaping up. One big concern is, that no matter how fast I want things to proceed, they still take time. Getting things started is like a solving a big puzzle, one piece at a time.