Our areas of expertise

Micro learning

Mastering Microlearning. Bite-sized brilliance for accelerated skill development and seamless knowledge acquisition.

Skills Validation

Skillsafari excels in validating diverse skills through digital micro certificates, empowering learners for future success and recognition.

Training and Consulting

Skillsafari excels in training and consulting for education, with a special focus on education for development, empowering growth and progress of organisations and individuals.

Meet the team


Satu Järvinen

Founder & CEO

Global educational strategist and innovator, providing digital learning solutions for equitable access to quality education worldwide.

Rana Alameddine

Pedagogical Expert, Middle East

Passionate about creating sustainable solutions in education, especially in the MENA region. Focus on teacher skills development

Annu Jokela-Ylipiha

Founder & CEO, TVET Finland Oy

A dedicated educator and education consultant, Annu reinforces the SkillSafari team through her experience in leadership, management and TVET expertise.

Jussi Järvinen


As a senior software developer, Jussi brings his expertise in developing our digital platforms used in skills validation and training programmes.

Works and Thoughts

عنوان: النهج الفنلندي نحو التعلم مدى الحياة: نموذج للعالم

في عالم يسهل الوصول فيه إلى المعلومات وتكوين المعرفة أكثر من أي وقت مضى، يتمتع الأفراد بإمكانية تعلم أي موضوع يرونه مناسبًا بغض النظر عن مستوى تعليمهم. باستخدام مهارات البحث الصحيحة، يمكن للأفراد أن يتعلموا Read more…