About SkillSafari

SkillSafari works to create successful careers through recognition and validation of skills through our badging approach. Our trusted and digital badging solution is based on years of working with skills development and our will to create pathways to successful careers.

In our “Skills to Badges” approach we validate skills relevant to employers. Individual skills are presented as digital badges with skills demonstration criteria and issued to individuals meeting the set standard. Our badges are based on international top expertise like the UNESCO framework for teacher ICT skills, Finnish education system, high level research and practical needs of employees.

Our Solution offers:

  • a way to measure and validate work-relevant skills of employees or professionals of a certain field
  • an opportunity to badge applicants to better understand the skills needed in their field
  • a solution of digital self-directed learning for people interested in advancing their careers
  • a trusted, digital and scalable approach to skills recognition

The idea of badging is a spin-off of a teacher professional development program that started badging in 2014. Today the project has issued over 17 000 badges for teachers in Finland. The approach has also been used in Tunisia, where SkillSafari has worked with Centre National des Téchnologies on Education (CNTE) in recognising and validating ICT skills of Tunisian teachers.