This is nice, Open Recognition Week recognised Satu and SkillSafari for the work done to promote badging and create learning solutions for Africa!

The Open Recognition movement and their ideas are very much in line with SkillSafari badging ideology. As they describe themselves:

The #OpenRecognition movement is remapping the world as a World Wide Web of Trust. We are convinced that together, by illuminating our diversity, our generosity, our aspirations, by supporting the achievements of individuals and communities across the globe, by celebrating those who deserve to be recognised, we can help to create a more inclusive and meaningful society.

For us at SkillSafari, the openness of badges is a key thing. We exploit an open technological standard to create something meaningful for our customers. For the end user, the ability to collect badges from multiple sources to one repository if important, be they issued from SkillSafari, the boy scouts or the employer. That is why we are so happy to be part of the open recognition movement and in the leading team of Open Recognition Week. Join us 22 – 28 October!

Open Recognition Week