These first months of 2018 have been packed with all sorts of actions required to get a new company on its feet. That work is not over yet, but fortunately some hurdles have been crossed and things are shaping up. One big concern is, that no matter how fast I want things to proceed, they still take time. Getting things started is like a solving a big puzzle, one piece at a time.

This website is for sure one of the achievements of the past month! Big Thanks for the nice work and design to our very own CTO Jussi who spent some time setting this up and making it beautiful. Now all that is missing is the content and the stories to share on this platform.

Apart from the website development work we have defined the overall services SkillSafari can offer. In addition we have put particular focus on describing in more detail how we see the future of skills recognition, when it is done with digital badges. We are now putting the final touches on a presentation explaining these, hoping to publish them in the next days.

Currently the world looks warm and full of sunshine, at least as long as we keep gazing southward from Finland. We have been discussing with our colleagues in Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa about potential joint future projects, all related to improving education in partnerships. Feels great!

Next Month Satu will be traveling to Tunisia for the Digital Skills for African Youth forum where she is moderating an expert panel on future technologies (Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Badges etc) and how they will impact education and the world around us. That is an important topic and touched very closely to Finland that is putting a lot of focus in new emerging technologies and opportunities they bring with them.

So in short: it is a few more weeks of hitting the keys of the laptop, then traveling to meet friends and spreading the news on how SkillSafari will shake some things up and do it’s part in creating paths to employement to youth and adults.


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