The challenge

The Finnish lifelong learning foundation implemented an interesting project “Media Literacy for Sustainable Society” in Palestine. During the project the know-how of the local media educators was updated, and a group of new media educators was trained and equipped with the latest teaching methods and materials.

Towards the end of the project the Finnish lifelong learning foundation had the structure and contents for a 8-day long online / blended learning programme. During the course of the project the trainers had developed lesson plans, presentation materials and exercises. However, with the project nearing it’s end, the team was challenged with finding out the best way to disseminate the course to possible interested trainers.

The solution

During this project, I examined all the course contents and materials and based on those created a course curriculum with an extensive guide explaining how to implement the course in full detail.

The final document includes schedules for each course session. All required presentation materials and tasks are included in the guide as links. The tasks that are hosted in a cloud service, to make access and possible updates easy to manage.

Curriculum & Implementation guide contents

The takeaways

This project was a lot of fun. The project team at the Finnish lifelong learning foundation had done a great job in creating a rich and engaging course and were fully dedicated in having the best possible outcome in their project and for the end users. For me this allowed be to draw from previous experiences in conducting teacher training in various countries, which helped imagine what type of information and support would be most useful to the upcoming Media Literacy educators in Palestine. I was very happy with the outcome myself, so was the client. Now let us hope that many media educators pick up on this fantastic course and start delivering it across the world.

More information

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