Welcome to the heart of our educational company, SkillSafari, where passionate individuals are joining forces to transform the learning experience in the Middle East and Africa. In a world where knowledge knows no boundaries, our CEO Satu, hailing from the vibrant culture of Senegal and Finland, along with our pedagogical expert Rana, bridging the gap between Finland and the Middle East, are on a mission to create a brighter educational experience.

The CEO with Roots in Two Worlds: Satu

Imagine growing up between the serene landscapes of Finland and the lively streets of Senegal. Our CEO, Satu Järvinen, embodies this unique blend of cultures and perspectives. With a heart rooted in Senegal and a mind inspired by the Finnish educational system, Satu brings a fresh and holistic approach to SkillSafari.

Satu’s journey began in Senegal, where the warmth of the people and the rich tapestry of traditions shaped her character. Her Finnish side, on the other hand, introduced her to the renowned educational practices that Finland is globally acclaimed for. Combining the community spirit of Senegal with the innovation of Finland, Satu envisions a world where education is not just a classroom exercise but a life-enriching experience.

The Pedagogical Expert Weaving Cultures: Rana

Joining Satu in this transformative venture is our pedagogical expert, Rana Alameddine. Though hailing from the Middle East, Rana has spent years in Finland, absorbing the principles that have made the Finnish education system an international benchmark. With a heart that beats for both her homeland and Finland, Rana brings these two worlds closer.

Rana brings to the table a deep understanding of Middle Eastern cultures and the challenges faced by their educational systems. Having lived the Finnish model of education, she is passionate about adapting its core tenets – student-centred learning, lifelong learning, and teacher empowerment – to the Middle Eastern context. She believes that nurturing critical thinking and autonomy can truly enrich education in the region.

A Collaborative Vision for Transformative Education

Together, Satu and Rana form a powerful duo, blending their distinct cultural backgrounds and educational insights to create a dynamic synergy. Their mission is clear: to craft an educational experience that combines the best of both worlds. They believe that by incorporating elements of Finnish educational philosophy into the fabric of Middle Eastern and African societies, they can create a learning environment that nurtures curious minds, cultivates critical thinking, and paves the way for a brighter future.

Through partnerships with local educators, community leaders, and forward-thinking institutions, their company aims to develop tailored educational solutions that cater to the unique needs of each region. From interactive learning methods to fostering creativity and collaboration, their holistic approach is set to redefine education in the Middle East and Africa.

A Promise of Growth and Transformation

As our company embarks on this journey, we are filled with hope and determination. We are committed to creating an educational experience that transcends boundaries and enriches the lives of countless students. Together, we believe in the power of education to not only shape minds but also to shape a world where every learner has the opportunity to thrive, innovate, and contribute positively to their communities.

Join us as we take this transformative step forward, uniting cultures and knowledge to pave the way for a brighter future in education, one enriched by the Finnish educational experience.


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