SkillSafari’s teacher soft skills validation & development online service is embarking on an ambitious journey to address a critical gap in educational resources. Our focus is to develop a comprehensive framework that includes criteria, assessments, and content specifically designed for educators. This initiative is a response to the acute lack of tailored content for teachers, particularly from a grassroots, classroom-centric viewpoint.

The Intricacies of Micro-Learning and Content Creation

In the realm of teacher development, the concept of micro-learning stands out for its effectiveness and practicality. Its core principle is to deliver learning in small, focused segments, making it an ideal approach for educators’ busy schedules. However, the creation of content that aligns with this philosophy presents unique challenges.

Our exploration into various online platforms has revealed the scarcity of resources that cater specifically to the professional growth of teachers. The need for material that speaks directly to the classroom environment, encompassing everyday activities and interactions, is more pronounced than ever. The development of such content, which includes practical examples and relevant materials for skill validation and instructional purposes, is a complex task. This complexity is further amplified by the need to create assessments that are both effective and reflective of the nuanced skills being taught.

The interconnectivity of soft skills in the teaching profession adds another layer of complexity. For example, our “Effective Communicator” meta badge encapsulates skills like facilitating student discussions, exemplifying effective communication, and promoting collaborative projects. These skills, while distinct, often overlap with other soft skills, reflecting the multifaceted nature of teaching.

Invitation to Collaborate and Test Our Service

We are at a pivotal stage in our development and are seeking the collaboration of teachers and teacher groups who are interested in piloting our service. Your participation in this testing phase, which will be conducted primarily in English (with potential French content), is crucial. Your insights and feedback will play a significant role in refining our offerings and ensuring that our service meets the real-world needs of educators.

We urge interested educators to contact us and join this pioneering venture. Your involvement will not only contribute to the enhancement of our service but will also be instrumental in shaping a resource that empowers teachers to develop and validate their soft skills effectively.

As we advance in this journey, SkillSafari remains committed to creating a transformative educational experience. By participating in this testing phase, you will be contributing to a larger movement in the world of education, where teacher development is given the attention and resources it truly deserves. Your voice and experience are invaluable to us, and we look forward to collaborating with you in this exciting venture.


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