Our Badging Solution

In our badging solution we give individuals and opportunity to get their existing skills validated. The skills that our validation process focuses on are relevant or needed by employers and the society. 

In the badging process individual skills are presented as digital micro certiciates with skills demonstration criteria. These micro certificates are issued to who have demonstrate their competence by offering evidence of their skills against the skills demonstration criteria set by us. Our micro certiciates are based on internationally recognised skills frameworks, locally conducted studies, employer & stakeholder interviews and high level research.

To organisations our Solution offers:

  • a way to measure and validate work-relevant skills of employees or professionals of a certain field
  • an opportunity to recognise skills of individuals to better understand the skills present in specific industries
  • a solution of digital self-directed learning for people interested in advancing their careers
  • a trusted, digital and scalable approach to skills recognition

To individuals our solution offers:

  • a way to get validation for skills they have acquired in the informal and nonformal domains
  • an understanding of potentials learning pathways they can intake based on their existing skills and personal interests
  • micro certificates that can support employement
  • access to training offering on topics they need to enhance their skills

With our partners, we execute projects of creating and issuing badges by implementing our “Skills to badges” approach, a lean and efficient method of turning competences into specific skills with a criteria and ways to measure them. In our projects we create badges intended to validate specific skills, i.e. entrepreneurial skills or artisans, teachers’ ICT competences or customer service skills of store workers. We then offer these badges to the sector agains a set skills criteria all applicants have to meet in order to get their skills microcertificates.

What makes badges work is the gamified nature of the approach and the localised approach that makes it manageable for our end users to meet the set skills criteria with manageable effort.