A bit about SkillSafari

SkillSafari works to create successful careers through recognition and validation of skills with digital micro credentials. This innovative solution is based on years of experience working with skills development internationally and our dedication to create paths to good careers. So far the SkillSafari badging approach has been implemented in various countries to validate and develop the ICT skills of teachers. Next steps include to start the validation of more pedagogical skills of teachers but also open a new sector to validate entrenpreneurial skills within the informal sector in Africa.

A prosperous and sustainable globe consists of people who have the possibility to plan their futures, have access to training of skill needed to realise their visions and ambition to create sustainable lives for themselves and their communities. We believe that for that vision to become reality, we need more skilled people, more job opportunities and as part of that more entrepreneurs. 

Satu Järvinen

At SkillSafari we work to develop new and innovative solutions in skills development, co-created with our global partners to solve local challenges. We have partners across the globe, all working to create sustainable and good lives through education.

We are together.