Merging North and South

SkillSafari, a Finnish company focusing on solutions in Africa

Africa is a continent on the rise, many of the largest growing economies are from the African continent. At the same time, due to population growth the there has been a massive growth in the workforce, with young Africans moving into the workforce. However, the education opportunities offered to children and youth are not yet sufficient.

The growing population poses a challenge that demands for innovative approaches, so that quality education that leads to employment can be offered for more and ultimately to all youth.

SkillSafari aims to be part of that solution. As a country, Finland has built an education system providing quality learning to all its citizen, thus transforming itself from a developing country to a leading country in education and innovation. By putting the wellbeing and education of its citizen at the core, Finland has come up with education solutions that are economical, effective and scalable at a national level.